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Our Services
  • Comprehensive assessment to provide customized care.
  • Activities of Daily Living (Bathing, Grooming, and Feeding)
  • Medication Management as ordered
  • Pain Management
  • Mobilization
  • Patient and family education
  • Comprehensive assessment to provide customized care.
  • Activities of Daily Living (Bathing, Grooming, and Feeding)
  • Post-natal mother and baby health monitoring
  • Breastfeeding support and education
  • Post-delivery wound care
  • Medication Management as ordered
  • Psycho-social support
  • Conduct Patient Intake
  • Support Doctors
  • Observing and supporting patient evaluation
  • Administering treatments and medications 
  • Maintain Equipment
  • Communicate with Patients and Care Providers
  • Perform health screenings
  • Coordinate referrals to private healthcare providers
  • Serve as liaisons between school personnel, family, and community healthcare providers to ensure a healthy school environment
  • Providing health-related education to students and staff in both individual and group settings
  • Monitoring immunizations, managing communicable diseases and assessing the school environment to prevent injury and ensure safety
  • Overseeing infection control measures
  • Overseeing medication administration, health care procedures, and the development of healthcare plans
  • Overseeing vision, hearing, body mass index, and mental health screening procedures
  • Making decisions related to the delegation of healthcare tasks as directed by state laws and professional practice guidance
  • Provide Basic Healthcare – This includes administering first aid where needed and evaluating employees’ overall health.
  • Administer Prescribed Medication and Treatment – Some employees may have medication and treatment that needs to be administered during work hours ensuring that all medications are prescribed.
  • Organize Employee Physicals – Company nurses are responsible for coordinating with the company’s healthcare provider to set up annual exams and physicals for all employees.
  • Raise Healthcare Awareness – These nurses also work closely with employees to raise healthcare awareness. This includes evaluating an employee’s health and making lifestyle recommendations to improve their health. They may also hold company-wide meetings to discuss general healthcare tips and recommendations.
  • Maintaining Employee Health Records, Safety and Health Hazards in The Work Environment.
  • Report on Employee Health – Company nurses often report to stakeholders on overall employee health. They may also make recommendations to upper management about new healthcare initiatives that the company can implement to lower healthcare costs.
  • Special needs care can range from short-term to long-term care. There could be many situations in between, such as children with special needs, respite care services or caring for people who have suffered from an accident and need help through the rehabilitation process. Our experts are well trained in meeting the needs of such by optimizing their independence and quality of life.

This service is only for clients with prescribed medication from a Doctor that needs:

  • Intramuscular injection (IM)
  • Subcutaneous injection

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